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Marketing is the most important factor for any new or established business. It is the difference of making it or breaking it. A lot of companies brush off the idea of marketing for many reasons, but if you look down the line at the most successful companies over the years, they have a strong core of marketing attached to their company strategy.

At Little Blue Spider we have taken this a step further. We go against the grain of the standard print media advertising such as leaflets, newspapers and magazines. Although these maybe good methods unless you have one of the prime locations in a magazine or newspaper the reader will just flick past your advert. Or if you are contemplating a door to door leaflet drop this is a method that is very hit and miss and run the risk of not being seen by the right people at all and in many cases your leaflets don't actually make it through peoples doors.

We strive for new marketing methods that stretch the norm and challenge the conception of marketing. Our proudest project to date is our collaboration with My Little Wallet. A new, innovative and creative advertising method that literally puts your advert into the hand of the customer in nicely presented wallet. The wallet is of good quality and will be filled with a maximum of 14 business cards inside, the wallet has many after uses for the recipient and upon receiving the wallet, the recipient will instantly appreciate this and want to hold onto it and your business card will be nestled inside waiting for the opportunity to jump out at a potential customer.

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